Accumulating News Feeds

I use Feedly to collect all the RSS feeds I want to track all the time – looking at them via my web browser on my PC or the APP on my phone. It keeps my email from being overwhelmed all the time although there are some sites that only provide an email newsletter rather than an RSS feed. Most of the Gleanings I collect every week come from the news feeds. The HoLLIE course resulted in 3 additions to my list already:

  • News & Features
  • Maryland Environmental Health Network
  • NASA Earth Observatory

There could be others as I hone my follow-up activities for the class.

2018 04 feedly.jpg

I’m looking at my list of 48 sources in Feedly this morning and remembering how some of them got onto the list. Coursera courses prompted 13:

  • Archaeological headlines – Archaeology Magazine
  • Center for a Livable Future
  • CleanTechnica
  • Egypt at the Manchester Museum
  • Europeana Blog
  • Free Technology for Teachers
  • In the Artifact Lab
  • Meatless Monday
  • Planetizen
  • Smart News Smithsonian
  • TED Blog
  • The Dirt
  • Yale E360

Others are part of my interest in online books:

  • Internet Archive Blogs
  • New Online Books

10 more came from books/magazines I read in the past or organizations I was interested in following:

  • AGU Blogosphere
  • Cool Green Science
  • Fitbit Blog
  • National Parks Traveler
  • ScienceDaily: Latest Science News
  • Squarespace – The Blog
  • The Scientist RSS – The Nutshell
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes: VegKitchen with Nava Atlas
  • What’s Next: Top Trends
  • Wildlife Promise

I periodically go back through the list to organize the categories I’ve created…delete feeds that are no longer of interest. As I wrote this I realized that there are some that I don’t know how they got on my list…but I’m interested in their content so they’ll stay in my Feedly list!