Celebrating the whole of life is my mantra these days and I hope to reflect it in this site – started in November 2011. There are quite a few aspects of my life (as of November 2011) that have been sustained for long periods of time:

  • 38 years in the information technology field
  • 28 years with the same company
  • 38 years married
  • 22 years a mother 
  • 17 years in the same home
  • Last grandparent died in late 2010
  • Both parents still alive
  • All 3 (younger) sisters still alive
  • Interested in:
    • Biology starting in childhood...and furthered through an undergraduate degree many years ago. It manifests itself now in my favorite things to photograph - plants and birds
    • An interest in application of technology to just about everything...furthered by a masters degree in applied math many years ago
    • An interest in travel, history, and the positive aspects of interactions with people

I have been blessed with good health and an enthusiasm for just about everything that has happened in my life so far. I look forward to sharing my adventures as I transition into my still TBD "what's next."

The blog will reflect my interests as they morph – from a company centric work environment to one with as many degrees of freedom as I can tolerate. I am looking forward to the continued journey.