Signs of a Beaver

2018 03 IMG_9120.jpg

I was at Howard County Conservancy’s Mt. Pleasant Farm earlier this week for some training and we walked down to the Davis Branch. There are two areas along the stream that we use for the 7th grade program.

After learning what would be done at each of those we hiked a little further along on the part of the stream that was restored last year – to see the area that the beaver has started to explore. The indication is some trees that have been downed in typical beaver fashion. The one with the bark stripped looks like a beech tree (beavers eat the inner bark of trees and beeches are one that they like!).

There was a mound of debris across part of the trickling stream and I wondered if it was from our recent wind storms or the beginning of a beaver dam. This will be a place I’ll walk down to see when I come to Mt Pleasant this spring!