Festival of the Cranes – part 3


We made our way to the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center after the fly out. It was still a very cold day. We looked around in the visitor center and bought sweatshirts – giving ourselves another layer for later in the week – and then watched the red wing blackbirds near the feeder in the Desert Arboretum nearby.

There were still a few cottonwood leaves that had not turned brown.

2018 11 IMG_3146.jpg

The saltbush was thick with seeds.

2018 11 IMG_3149.jpg

We decided to take a turn around the wildlife loop. We saw quite a few Northern Shovellers

2018 11 IMG_6205.jpg

And coots.

2018 11 IMG_6231.jpg

My favorite water birds of the day were the pintails.

There were crystals still prevalent on vegetation; it was colder than it looked.

2018 11 IMG_6236.jpg

The day was sunny – the sky clear blue – typical New Mexico in winter.

2018 11 IMG_6248.jpg

Startled snow geese filled the air periodically. I took some sequences later in the week…so more to come about them in subsequent posts.

2018 11 IMG_6311.jpg