Back to School

2016 05 IMG_5118 old.jpg

The K-12 schools started again in Maryland this week. The traffic patterns have changed; there are about 8 cars that leave my neighborhood just after the elementary school bus (parents waiting to leave for work until their children are off to school)!

It’s been a long time since I was in K-12 but somehow September still means a ramp up of activity after a somewhat ‘lazy’ summer. There is a psychology from my own school experience…reinforced by my daughter’s experience.

This year September is busier than usual with volunteer shifts at Brookside Gardens’ Wings of Fancy through September 17 and the training for volunteers at Howard County Conservancy followed by the start of field trips from many of the county schools. The Watershed Report Card program for high schoolers already has quiet a schedule that begins September 19 and continues through most of October.

I am also signed up for Conservation Easement Training in September.

I supposed if it ever gets slow – I could take a Coursera course….but right now it looks like this ‘fall’s back to school’ is already very full.