Keeping Warm on Cold Winter Days

We’ve been having winter weather for the past few weeks and I’ve been applying the usual tactics for keeping comfortably warm.

  • Wearing thick socks in my house rather than going barefoot (my feet are most comfortable sans shoes). My sister had gotten me ‘cuddle socks’ the past two Christmases and they are my favorites for ‘at home’ days.
  • Enjoying sweaters and sweatshirts. The T-shirts and lighter weight tops are put away for the season. We keep our house comfortably warm…assuming we are wearing our winter clothes.

Most skirts are packed away. I have one heavy brocade skirt that I wear for special occasions with tights or leggings under it.

  • Hurray for corduroy. Heavy jeans are OK too.
  • If I want to be warmer, I wear a sweater cape or cardigan. If I am moving around enough, I don’t need it.

If I am going outdoors for a short time – the essential outer layer includes coat, gloves that work with my cell phone, a scarf/hat, and boots (either hiking boots or dressier lined boots).

If I will be outdoors for longer – birding for example – I add to ‘quick trip’ gear:  wear ski bibs over leggings, a balaclava for my head, and a hoody under my coat and then over my head.  Handwarmers and footwarmers are well worth it to. A thermos of hot tea is welcome too!