Heislerville Wildlife Management Area

Our next field trip of the Cape May Spring (birding) Festival was at the Heislerville Wildlife Management Area a the end of Matt’s Landing Road. There are ponds on each side of the road as it gets close to Haase’s Marina. There were shorebirds on the mudflats – like these that (I think) are all Semipalmated Sandpipers. It was a challenge to get birds in small enough groups where the individual birds could be distinguished.

2019 05 IMG_7552.jpg

Some are easier to identify than others like this Semipalmated Plover.

2019 05 IMG_7562.jpg

On an island in one the ponds: a Double-crested Cormorant rookery! It is one of the few in the mid-Atlantic region. Most of the cormorants migrate further north for the summer and to breed.

There were the usual Red-wing Blackbirds and Crows around too. We heard both Fish Crows and American Crows…not sure which one this was.

Heislerville was the first place I began to realize the numbers of birds that migrate through Cape May in the spring and fall….I couldn’t resist a picture of birds in flight…with a lot still on the mud flat!

2019 05 IMG_7658.jpg

There was a group of Black Skimmers on another island almost out of camera range with a Forster’s tern on a log in front.

2019 05 IMG_7774.jpg

Overall – the area was rich in bird sightings - and a good contrast to the state forest earlier in the morning.