Cape May Point State Park – Part 2

Continuing the posts about Cape May Point State Park

There were Forster’s Terns on lined up on a railing of an observation platform that was roped off to human traffic.


I zoomed in to get a bird portrait


And then back to get the whole platform as the birds flew around – a little ‘musical chairs’ on the platform railing.


There was a Great Egret and a gull (maybe a ring-billed) mixed in with the terns. The other birds give some size comparison for the Forster’s. There was a breeze that ruffled the feathers of some of the birds…giving them a scruffy look even though they were preening almost constantly.

Overall – the short walk through part of the wetlands filled the time before we headed back to the hotel and the kickoff for the festival….primed to get underway early the next morning with field trips.