Botany for the Artist (ebook)

Simblet, Sarah. Botany for the Artist. Great Britain: Dorling Kindersley Limited. 2010. Available from Internet Archive here.

It is packaged on the Internet Archive with Botany Illustrated – available via the same link. The author is an artist rather than a botanist but her passion for creating botanical art comes through in this book. It contains a lot of photographs, some botanical print history and how to draw plants. I’ll never be a botanical artist, but I appreciated this book.

Botanical prints are something I enjoy particularly in the winter when the outdoors here is not as colorful; many of the trees are bare and we are having a lot of cloudy days. Browsing through a book like this is an armchair version of walking through a conservatory or traveling to some other part of the globe where the air temperature is much warmer!

I picked four images to share here….so many beautiful ones to choose from …worth a browse through the whole book on a January day indoors.