Cloudy Day at Brookside Gardens

Last weekend we went to Brookside Gardens to photograph hummingbirds. The garden area they frequent still had lots of blooms.

2018 09 IMG_4424.jpg

I photographed other parts of the area: some favorite sculptures,

Seed pods,

A rabbit eating breakfast,

2018 09 IMG_4393.jpg

Mushrooms under the roses,

2018 09 IMG_4435.jpg
2018 09 IMG_4429 clip.jpg

And at artsy shot of an orange flower with a spiral shaped bud.

The best observations of the morning were bumblebees nectar robbing. The bee makes a hole in the base of the flower and then drinks the nectar. The shape of the flower would be a tight squeeze for these bees. Still – this is a case where the bees are not acting as pollinators since they bypass the flower structures entirely.

But hummingbird photography was disappointing. The lighting was not as good as the previous visits and there were not as many birds coming to the flowers. I only managed 3 pictures worth sharing.

So – the nectar robbing saved the day!