Belmont Finches and Red Winged Blackbirds

Before the big hike last week at Belmont, I sat in the shade and took pictures of birds coming to the bird feeders while the summer campers were inside the Carriage House getting ready. I noticed finches at first. Sometimes there are 3 or 4 at the feeders together.

When the red winged blackbirds come the finches scatter. I managed to get one picture with both. The red winged blackbirds are a little bigger…and they tend to dominate wherever they are.

There was another bird that showed up that looked scruffy. Was it another red winged blackbird? I continued taking pictures to find out.

2018 08 IMG_2515.jpg

I think it is – one that is either sick or a juvenile getting adult plumage!  The patch of color on the top of the wing looks mottled but it’s there.

2018 08 IMG_2529.jpg