Patuxent Branch Trail

Sometimes volunteer activities help us find something new close to where we live. That happened to my husband and I recently. I had volunteered us to count pedestrian and bike traffic as a trail near where we live for a community organization. The location on the Patuxent Branch Trail was only about 3 miles from hour house….and I’d never been there before.

The trail crossed the Little Patuxent River on a re-purposed railroad bridge built in 1902 – the year after one of my grandfathers was born! It became a pedestrian bridge in 2002.

20180609_111937 resize.jpg

The bridge was still full of sediment from recent rain. Both pictures below taken from the bridge. I was not surprised at how many people (pedestrian and bicyclists) stopped on the bridge to enjoy the view.

My husband is already talking about biking the trail on the next day without rain in the forecast!