Zooming – April 2018

Zooming make the photograph in so many cases. I could never get the pictures of birds that I do without it…the birds would be long gone. This month the zoomed birds include: a great blue heron being very still, a bluebird showing his colors, a finch high in a tree at a Texas rest stop, a blow legged grackle, and ducklings.

I use the zoom for flowers to avoid stepping in flower beds – or mud – or simply because what I want to photograph is too high in the tree.

On road trips, the zoom helps with photography through the windshield (buildings and bridge abutment murals, for example)…and quickly framing a picture when I am hurrying to get back to the car and out of the weather.

The modern digital cameras with good optical zoom lenses…and image stabilization…a boon to photographers everywhere.