Bald Eagles at Conowingo Dam

Last weekend we got up early and headed to Conowingo Dam to photograph Bald Eagles. We go there about 30 minutes after sunrise and saw eagles in the trees next to the parking lot at the Conowingo Fisherman’s Park. There were two eagles in the trees near where we parked…along with a black vulture.

2018 03 e IMG_9227.jpg

Both types of birds were enjoying the bright sunlight on the cold morning.

There were other birds on the opposite side of the river….too far way for good pictures.

It seemed at first that there wasn’t going to be much action. Then one of the eagles took off.

2018-03-18-Conowingo Eagles-020.jpg

It flew out over the river swooped down and came up with a fish!

2018-03-18-Conowingo Eagles-137.jpg

It flew back to almost where it had been before…and started to enjoy the meal.

Then a second eagle appeared and wanted a share of the fish. My husband tried to take pictures of the tussle that ensued. The eagle with the fish is above the challenger in this picture. I just stood and watched.

2018-03-18-Conowingo Eagles-286.jpg

Tomorrow’s post will feature a Cormorant at Conowingo.