March Sunrise

About the only perk for going to daylight savings time is being up for sunrise again. I noticed the one yesterday via its reflection on clouds in the west at first. The clouds had a pink tinge over the tree tops. I took the picture through my office window.

2018 03 IMG_9200.jpg

I went downstairs and took a picture through the narrow window beside the door. The color was already becoming more orange.

2018 03 IMG_9201.jpg

I opened the door, so I would avoid the window frame (and the smudges on the glass).

2018 03 IMG_9205.jpg

That’s when I heard the red winged blackbirds. They were across the street in a treetop – greeting the new day with their chatter.

2018 03 IMG_9207.jpg

The cat was waiting for me when I turned around from the open front door. Fortunately, he is not a cat that is always looking for an opportunity to escape to the great outdoors!