Festival of the Cranes – part 9

After the Raptor ID tour, we had lunch then rested at our hotel until time for the ‘fly in’ at sunset. It was the only day we managed to be available at that time.  We decided to observe from the ponds along the refuge’s wildlife loop. There were other people that had the same idea but not enough to make it crowded. There was a crowd of snow geese already on the water and feeding on shore as well. I find myself drawn to the blue morphs…just to see something other than white mounds.

By the time the sandhill cranes started coming in it was too dark to get good pictures at the water level. I took a few images with the evening light…birds – cliffs – trees.

2018 11 IMG_8481.jpg

Some Canadian geese were seeking their evening roost as well.

2018 11 IMG_8512.jpg

Right before we left – I too a picture of the moon…pretty good shot for a bridge camera on a monopod!

2018 11 IMG_8590.jpg