A Few Minutes Observing…a female cardinal

Taking pictures through my office window with my new camera is a bit more challenging than it was with the old camera; getting the lens camp off takes too much time. But there was a female cardinal that stayed perched on the gutter long enough for me to get a portrait.

It was a cool breezy day and the bird’s feathers are fluffed…the crest is a little rumpled too (a bad crest day?).

I noticed some leaves in the gutter; it’s not clogged yet but it could get that way with more leaves flying in the next few weeks.

2018 10 IMG_4694.jpg

Right now – most of the leaves visible from my window are still green…with a few patches of color. The tulip poplar leaves go to yellow and

2018 10 IMG_4695.jpg

The maple will go to red. Eventually.

2018 10 IMG_4697.jpg

And that was my few minutes observing through the window!