Foggy Morning at Centennial Park

Earlier this week, I enjoyed doing some photography at Centennial Park on a foggy morning. The lake was a little high from the recent rains and the fog muted the colors of the trees (still mostly green).

I stopped at a dogwood tree to capture the buds for next season and the seeds from this year.

There were some colorful leaves that showed up better at close range.

2018 10 IMG_4612.jpg

There were some fall flowers at the edge of the lake – somewhat protected from the water run off by a large rock.

2018 10 IMG_4622.jpg

There were not very many birds around:  a few Canadian geese on the lake

2018 10 IMG_4618.jpg

And a mockingbird. Note the small spider web in the picture with the mockingbird.

2018 10 IMG_4651.jpg

The spider webs and small mushroom growing on rotting mulch were the photographic high points of the walk. I post more about them next week.