Zooming – January 2018

I’ve been at home observing birds a lot during January and my camera works as well as binoculars for me…so why not go ahead and take the picture too! My favorite is probably of the flicker – savoring the drink of water from our birdbath.

There were some other reasons to use the camera’s zoom – the full moon in early January (there will be another one the last day of the month),

2018 01 IMG_7425.jpg

Ice crystals in a stream (better to use the zoom than making a mistake – taking a very cold step),

2018 01 IMG_7590.jpg

A stump that was on a slope of boulders (to hard to get close), and

2018 01 IMG_7930.jpg

In camera cropping of the morning light on the trees behind our house.

2018 01 IMG_8041.jpg

It was a good month with my Canon Powershot SX730 HS with 40x Optical Zoom!