Bluebirds at our Birdbath

We have a group of Eastern Bluebirds frequenting our birdbath on these very cold days. The first time I saw them there were 6 birds gathers around the rim. By the time I managed to get my camera there were only 3 left.

2018 01 IMG_7531.jpg

I was taking pictures through a window, but one seems to know exactly where I was!

2018 01 IMG_7533.jpg

The bird’s attention was a little diverted by another bird flying away.

2018 01 IMG_7534.jpg

Then it returned to me.

2018 01 IMG_7535.jpg

The last bird seemed very comfortable at the birdbath. Its feathers were fluffed and it was savoring the bit of warmth from the heated rim. Its colors were muted – a female. It was the last to leave.

2018 01 IMG_7536.jpg
2018 01 IMG_7538.jpg

I’ve seen groups of bluebirds at the bath several times since on very cold days. I’m glad we can provide a source of water for them. Bluebirds are in our area year-round. Their numbers are the result of an aggressive nest box program … dedicated people that help maintain the boxes.

What a joy to see these little birds on a cold day!