3 Free eBooks – September 2017

I picked three series this month – one magazine and two multi-volume books.

2017 09 ebook1.jpg

The Graphic Arts (The monthly magazine of the craftsmanship of advertising). Boston: The Graphic Arts Co. 1911-1915. Eight volumes are available from Hathi Trust here. A lot of technical advances were being made during this time to meet the demand for increasingly colorful print advertising. The clip I’ve picked was annotated “An achievement in two-color plate making.”

2017 09 ebook2.jpg

Duncan, James and Dunbar, William. Introduction to entomology. Edinburgh: W.H. Lizars. 1843. Seven volumes available from Internet Archive: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Some of the butterflies looked very familiar (like ones in Brookside Gardens Wings of Fancy exhibit). I wondered how many of the insects seen in 1843 are now extinct.

2017 09 ebook3.jpg

Harris, William T, Edward Everett Hale, Nelson A. Miles, O. P. Austin, George Cary Eggleston (editorial staff). The United States of America: A pictorial history of the American nation from the earliest discoveries and settlements to the present time. New York: Imperial Publishing Company. 1909. Five volumes available from Hathi Trust here. There are more drawings than color illustrations…and the telling is somewhat dated. History is subtly re-interpreted. This was the way history was presented prior to World War I…before we became a ‘superpower.’