Rainy Day Butterflies

2017 09 IMG_3700.jpg

There are always butterflies on the glass ledges of the conservatory in Brookside Gardens’ Wings of Fancy. I took pictures of a blue morpho and owl butterfly looking out – imaging them like young children wishing the day was one they could go outside to play. They don’t stay at the window forever – eventually they flutter off to the banana tray or the plants in the conservator that are more natural places for them to roost.

2017 09 IMG_3750.jpg

When it rains, the conservatory has many leaky joints and sometimes the area near the windows is as wet as the outdoors. There was a butterfly that evidently succumbed while it was looking out the window and became a collection of the drips at the window. It’s always sad to find a dead butterfly. Their lives are often 30 days or less. This one managed to keep its wings intact – no missing pieces.

2017 09 IMG_3696.jpg