Cat with a Lion Cut – Update

Back in June, our cat got a ‘lion cut’ to rid him of matted hair that was pulling his skin and making him uncomfortable. He was not happy about the process, but he quickly began to enjoy how much easier it was to move about. He started spending a lot of time out on the screened deck and started playing with his toys more…and demanding attention. He started acting like a younger cat!

It’s been about 7 weeks since the cut and the fur is growing back. His head does not look as different from the rest of his body and the color/pattern looks more like it did before. The tail is still a bit of fluff. Overall, he is beginning to look more rounded even though we know it is fur! My husband has started brushing him to prevent the matts from forming again. If they do return, we’ll follow the same process as soon as it gets warm again next spring.