Garden of Lights at Brookside Gardens

I am volunteering at Brookside Gardens this holiday season so was invited to the pre-opening walk through for the Garden of Lights display just before Thanksgiving. It was a great evening to walk around Brookside – crisp but not overly cold and dark. My two favorite displays are back again this year: the caterpillar arch near the visitor center and

2017 11 IMG_6762.jpg

Nessie (and baby) in one of the gardens near the conservatory (Nessie’s smoke was working great!).

There were the lights in the form of insects: dragonfly, butterfly and ants --- critters that can be found in the garden in the warmer parts of the year.

There were lights of critters that would not be found the garden (like a giraffe and polar bear); I am featuring ones that do live in Maryland – a fox and snail.

Of course, there were plant forms made with lights. It’s all very clever. The children in the gardens that night were excited and thrilled to be walking through it all…their joy was contagious. It was a great beginning for the winter holidays.