Savoring 2017 – Anticipating 2018

2017 was a busy year. Here are some highlights.


My daughter and I drove from Maryland down to Dallas to visit family and then spent a week in Grapevine TX for a AAS conference before driving on to Tucson. It was the trek between Tucson and the east coast for the year.

2017 01 IMG_5251.jpg

Not long after I returned – I bought a new car: a Prius Prime.


February was the trough of the year in terms of activity but we did buy another car – a Honda CR-V for my husband.


In March a flew round trip to Dallas to do the chauffeuring for a trip to Oklahoma for my parents to visit other family members.

When I got back, we made a short visit to Pittsburgh – and enjoyed the Phipps Conservatory and the Aviary.

2017 03 d IMG_7112.jpg


April was the start of field trips: Delmarva Birding with my husband and then the field trip volunteering I do with Howard County Conservancy.

2017 04 yellow IMG_8807.jpg


In May there was another family visit in Texas and then moving my daughter from Tucson to State College. The packing up was some of the hardest physical work I’ve ever done…and then driving cross country with very sore and stiff muscles. Now that time has passed, I can see it as quite an adventure.

2017 05 IMG_0023.jpg


In June I started volunteering at the Brookside Gardens Wings of Fancy exhibit. That continued into early September.

20 17 06 IMG_0288.jpg


I made my first road trip in my Prius in July – to State College to help my daughter move into her apartment.


In August we drove to Nebraska for the Solar Eclipse.

2017 08 IMG_3177.jpg


September was full of Howard County Conservancy field trips. The stream and school yard assessments with the high schools were the more numerous for the season.

o 20170925_102421.jpg


Staunton River Star Party is becoming an annual event or us. This was our third trek down to southern Virginia’s dark sky site.

2017 10 IMG_4560.jpg

My sister visited later in the month and we toured two places I had not been in more than 5 years: Fort McHenry and Nemours Mansion and Gardens.


I was back in Texas in November for a family birthday celebration and then

Down to Harlingen for the Rio Grande Birding Festival.

2017 11 IMG_5623.jpg


This December was by first time to volunteer as a conservatory docent at the Brookside Gardens Model Trains Exhibit. What a joy!


Then we went to Pittsburgh…I’ll post about that trip in the new year.

Anticipating 2018

There are already some things on my calendar for 2018: getting the eBotanicalPrints section of my website up and running in January, an 8-week class that will fill one day a week in February and March, a family visit in Texas for birthdays in April, Howard County Conservancy volunteering for school field trips in the spring and fall, and Brookside volunteering for the butterfly exhibit (April-September) and probably the model trains in December. I’m sure there will be a lot more that will fill the year.

Happy New Year to us all!