Carrollton Garden

I was working on a blog post last week and noticed a butterfly in the garden. I didn’t get outside fast enough to get a picture of it but is did notice that there were Cosmos still blooming that might provide some food for butterflies.

2017 11 IMG_5020.jpg
2017 11 IMG_5023.jpg

There was also some color left from summer: cockscomb (one being held by a dragon ornament in the garden)

2017 11 IMG_5028.jpg

And hydrangea.

2017 11 IMG_5033.jpg
2017 11 IMG_5042.jpg

The next morning I photographed another part of the yard. The red yucca seed pods are splitting. I hadn’t noticed how charred their seeds look when I’d photographed them on previous visits.

There is a mound of mums near a rock in the garden – a patch of orange on a cloudy morning.

2017 11 IMG_5054.jpg